Fall 2023 Callout

Aug 29th, 2023 • 10:30—11:30 PM





magic 🌈


Our largest & best callout ever!!!!!

💛⚡️ Making things is incredibly rewarding—but it's hard to balance with academic & social obligations. Purdue Hackers is a community of kind & creative people who make things together: apps, websites, games, generative art, hardware, whatever.

There are three parts to Purdue Hackers:

  • Community: A friendly & vibrant community on our Discord. We share all upcoming events in there.
  • Workshops: Hour-long sessions where you learn something new & leave with a finished project.
  • Hack Night: A mini-hackathon every Friday night, uninterrupted time for building projects. Come with your own projects, join a group, or just hang out!

Purdue Hackers is for you, whether you've never written code before, or are highly technical. All majors are welcome!

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