Hack Night 2.0

Feb 17th, 2023 • 8:00 PM—5:00 AM



Caesar Creek




Hack Night 2.0 happened on February 17th, 2023—and it was the best Hack Night yet. Previously in a classroom in WALC, with 2.0 Hack Night moved to the second floor of the Bechtel Center, Purdue's makerspace. Bechtel is a wonderful fit for Hack Night—it's a beautiful space, surrounded by maker machines, and it feels like a hackathon venue. Hackers spread across the space, and it was a lot of fun. It was also our largest Hack Night, with 35 people.

Projects included a hardware clock for Lightning Time, a camera that followed an object around the room, and a web app that lets you draw by moving your fingers around in front of your webcam.

This was "the gold event"; this week's badge was a Willy Wonka-inspired golden ticket laser cut out of gold acrylic.

We also had a sponsor: two engineers and a recruiter from Caesar Creek Software hacked along with students until 1:00 AM. They were a wonderful addition to the event!

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