Hack Night 4.0

Feb 16th, 2024 • 8:00 PM—6:30 AM






new things

The latest evolution of Hack Night, and the best one yet. Hack Night 4.0 introduced:

  • 🛂 Passports: Handmade, meticulously-crafted, NFC-enabled passports. Get stamped at Hack Night & gain access to exclusive things!
  • 🌟 Reading Circles: Like reading groups, reading circles make an agenda of topics to learn, then discuss & collaborate at Hack Night.
  • 🌃 Midnight demos: After the countdown to 0, share what you've been working on—can be anything, including nontechnical projects & projects made outside of Hack Night!

We launched two Reading Circles: Linguistics and Conlanging at 9pm, and Programming Languages at 11pm. Instead of running a Session at 10pm, which we typically do, we ran a passport-making ceremony, where 10 people made their own NFC-enabled passports! We also made the first passport stamp & everyone got their passports stamped.

We also celebrated two birthdays with a giant cake!

And finally, Caesar Creek Software returned (their first appearance was at Hack Night 2.0) to chat with students and hand out swag.

People worked on awesome projects, learned new things, hung out, ate pizza & cake. It was a great time.

Hack Night 4.0 ran until 6:30am.

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