Hack Night 4.2

Mar 1st, 2024 • 8:00 PM—6:40 AM




door opener

lots of

clouds & bubbles

Great vibes again! The badge this week was one of the best in a while. Here's what happened at Hack Night 4.2:

  • d~5~5|5 (8:00pm): Hacking begins
  • e~0~0 (9:00pm): Reading Circle: Linguistics & Conlanging
  • e~a~a|a (10:00pm): Session: Creatura Drawing
  • f~5~5|5 (11:00pm): Reading Circle: Programming Languages

This week it felt like lots of stuff was happening. The sign made lots of progress, the door opener is near completion, the iOS app for writing passports works & activated some passports. The creatura drawing session was awesome. It feels like stuff is happening and we're super excited. ☁️🫧

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