Hack Night 4.3

Mar 22nd, 2024 • 8:00 PM—5:15 AM




branching paths


Browser Co sponsorship

65 people chose a branching life path—red or blue—and made cool, creative things 🔺🔷✨

Here's what happened at Hack Night 4.3:

  • d~5~5|5 (8:00pm): Hacking begins
  • e~0~0 (9:00pm): Reading Circle: Linguistics & Conlanging
  • e~a~a|a (10:00pm): Session: Set up a media server
  • f~5~5|5 (11:00pm): Reading Circle: Programming Languages
  • 0~0~0 (12:00am): Demos

This event was sponsored by The Browser Company, the creators of the Arc browser, who generously bought us pizza, sent us exclusive stickers & hats, and unlocked the Windows beta for attendees. Check out the Instagram Reel we made!

Some cool projects folks demoed:

  • neural network from scratch
  • encrypted diary app
  • OS kernel, visualizes sorting algorithms
  • when2meet alternative that lets you import your calendar
  • gesture api which maps to computer actions with AI & via AppleScript
  • color script, inspired by barcodes
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