Rick Roll (Web API) Workshop

Mar 4th, 2022 • 12:30—1:30 AM



nearly everyone

was a total beginner


walked out with a finished project

📞⚡️🎵🎨 Rickrolling has been around nearly since the beginning of the internet—on Thursday, March 4th, 2022 we brought it out of the realm of the Internet and into the realm of phones.

Over an hour, 32 people used Vonage, a communications API for developers to build phone & SMS apps, to build a small web app that calls a phone number & plays Never Gonna Give You Up. (Don't worry, we stayed ethical—they called their own phones.) Along the way, they learned how web APIs, fundamental building blocks of the Internet, work, & how to use them to do creative & big things on the Web.

Many of the people who came to this workshop were total beginners—and everyone walked out with a finished project.

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